Leo at The Brit’s School

03/11/2014 0Comments by Food Swipe News

Organised by the Al Douglas MD of HASH7 on 10th October Leo was invited to The Brit’s School to talk to the Digital Department about his app.

The BRIT School is a one of its kind FREE Performing Arts and Technology School. It is an independent; state funded City College for the Technology of the Arts, dedicated to education and vocational training for the performing arts, media, art and design and the technologies that make performance possible.

The school is notable for its numerous famous alumni including Katy B, Adele, Amy Winehouse, Jessie J, Leona Lewis, and many more stars. This was a great opportunity to talk about the Food Swipe app and also gain valuable feedback from like-minded creative students.

On arrival Leo accompanied by Dad and Al were taken on a tour of the school by Alexa Cruickshank, Director of Communications. His eyes lit up with excitement over all the facilities they have and was impressed by the people he met and how nice they all were. After 10 mins of being there immediately asked for an application form!

After the tour Leo was shown to the digital department and was greeted by 20 students in the class. The students were working on 3D modelling which Leo found very interesting. The class downloaded the game before the talk so that they could get an idea of the game play and understand the theme of the game.

Al Douglas kindly provided an introduction and then Leo took over explaining how he came up with the idea and why. After this the students had an opportunity to have a Q&A session with Leo.

The students were keen to understand how the process works from having an idea to getting your app live on the app store which Dad explained.

Leo was very confident and was able to answer all questions asked by the students. One of the students commended Leo on the way he presented himself at the age of 9.

The feedback provided by the students was amazing and some ideas and improvements will be introduced into the next version of Food Swipe. This was a great day for Leo and gave him a real confidence boost. We believe the game should grow with the community and it will be great for players of the game to see ideas they contribute come to fruition.

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If you have any ideas yourself on how the game can be improved we would love to hear the feedback

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