Food Swipe 1.1 NOW LIVE

20/09/2014 0Comments by Food Swipe News

We are pleased to announce that Food Swipe 1.1 is now live on the app store. Please can you update the app now. We have introduced fixed the following:

  • Fixed the speed on the iPad 1 and 2 as it was the foods flew in too fast
  • Fixed the crashing reports on the iPad 1 and 2
  • Fixed the speed of the game on the iPad mini
  • Fixed Lug on the tooth brush round as he was missing on some phones
  • Introduced a game demo
  • Introduced a Food Values section that shows the information on the healthy foods and the points you earn for each one
  • Introduced a chance to continue your score once using a coin. More coins will be able to be purchased in the future via in app purchases)
  • Tooth Brush round improved, faster you brush the faster the slider moves towards the 1000 points mark. If you slow down or stop brushing the marker moves backwards.

Future Updates:

  • Coin in app purchases
  • Coins can be won in the game they will fall from the sky you must click on the coins to save them
  • Other characters can be purchased with the coins and used in the game instead of Lug
  • Share scores on Facebook and Twitter

If there is anything else you think we need to add to the game please let us know.

Thats about it any questions please email us on

Thank you



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